We build and scale
exceptional digital

products & experiences

With no jargon or buzzwords along the way - but plenty of
pragmatism, experience and honesty instead

Create digital products

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, from early-stage startups through to established organisations to ship game changing products.

Help creative agencies

We partner with creative agencies helping them deliver outstanding digital websites & products.

Build nearshore teams

We help fast-growing start-ups and businesses create their own dedicated nearshore teams and subsidiary companies in Poland.

Invest in start-ups

We invest in early stage startups. Mostly working with non-technical founders at the idea, seed round or pre-money stages.

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Our way

Our table soccer

We're grown-ups

We choose our people and teams carefully. We're proud to employ a team of exceptional & very experienced professionals - with many years of experience delivering hundreds of products.

We push for pragmatism

We don't do long winded and expensive presentations or pitches. We design, prototype, build, test and scale. We stay lean and cost-effective, and pass on the benefits of this approach to you.

We aim to be partners - not subcontractors

We won't nod along. We strive to build best products even if it means challenging you on how something should be done from time to time.

We may even want a piece of the pie!

If we like the project and team behind it, we typically offer a joint-venture deal where part of our fee is paid in exchange for small equity stake in the business.

We're honest

No inflated timesheets. No juniors pretending to know their craft. No jargon or buzzwords. No BS. Period.