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The Ask

We’ve been approached by founding team back in 2017 when the company was preparing for their first investment round - and the main headache of its founders was unstable technology side of the business, with core website built on top of a hacked Wordpress CMS.

After short analysis of the existing platform, we’ve recommended to completely relaunch entire website, mobile app and all underlying technology and re-built it on top of modern React Native stack supported by bespoke, scalable API and the back-end (CMS) app.

From concept to reality

The Native platform is built using technologies that we excel at and which we use for many other similar MVP projects: Android & iOS Native apps are built using modern React Native & Redux stack - and Backend CMS & RestAPI services are built with PHP7 & Symfony on top of AWS services

In order to guarantee the site is always up & running, we've also leveraged AWS auto-scaling & content distribution features - and made the website to scale-up & down and distribute most frenquently used content to edge locations automatically.

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Explore. Discover. Experience.

We’ve successfully delivered new MVP version of the platform just in time for freshers’ week 2017. The app was positively received by its end-users, scoring 4-5 stars rating on iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Hidden gems

Users can access their purchased tickets directly in the mobile app - or simply print a PDF version sent to their email address.

Native platform allows third part event promoters to sign-up and publish their own events. Promoters can then track performance of their events in a dedicated extranet.

"Fram were great to work with, very professional and reactive to our needs. They were very knowledgeable and helped us migrate Native’s platform to a scalable, fully bespoke cloud solution it is now. I highly recommend them for any technical product development work!"

Nick Musto
Nick Musto Founder,
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